Out Of Africa

Oct 19, 2013

The African Students Forum began in March 2013 out of a concern that many ASU students from Africa do not get involved in the ministries and activities of Christian groups. It has grown from the original 9 students at the inaugural meeting to the 35 students who are currently involved.

Our purpose is to befriend and impact the students with the love of Christ and help spiritually prepare them for Christ-like leadership when they complete their studies and return to their home countries. The Forum is open to all students from Africa, graduate and undergraduate, as well as short-term visiting scholars and research fellows at ASU and other east valley schools.

Currently we have students attending the Forum from ASU, Mesa Community College, and the Western International University. They represent 13 different African countries: Rwanda, Tanzania, Ivory Coast (Côte d’Ivoire), Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Uganda, Malawi, Ethiopia, Southern Sudan, and Nigeria.

Our gatherings on the first Saturday of every month at 3:30 p.m. at the Campus Christian Center (C3) incorporate Bible study, spiritual discussions, inter-cultural exchanges, national histories, leadership training, and, of course, meals of African cuisine and flavors! With the students’ growing interest in deeper spiritual matters, we are hoping by 2014 to add a weekly Discipleship Bible Study .

We are very grateful to C3 for opening its doors to us. And we are very thankful to God for such an excellent, appropriate facility in a strategic location to which students who do not have their own transportation can easily ride a bus or walk.

Emmanuel Chijindu