Guest on The Kingdom & Its Stories Podcast

Jun 28, 2022

Tommy was recently a guest on the Kingdom & Its Stories Podcast. Here’s the info:

Loving, coaching, modeling for my children to help serve this area

Guest: Thomas Claiborn IV | Julian Gibb interviews Thomas Claiborn.  Thomas does what he calls “Championship Fathering: that’s my number one focus: loving, coaching, modeling for my children.”  “Specifically, on 24th St and Broadway in Phoenix, they don’t need another church. In this one mile radius, I’ve counted 15 churches, but no bridge to connect them.”  He continues, “I am helping them move forward with a collective faith and helping to bridge those gaps; just being that backbone organization that focuses on reconciliation and making connections and not try to start my own thing.”  Thomas continues, “The first step is bringing them together and then the next step is listening; before we can love the residents of the community, we have to listen to them.”  Thomas says he works in “an under-served community and what motives me, I have been blessed with my dad, grandfather… the example and the models that they displayed for me… it’s within my DNA… to help serve this area that I’m in, the way that I was able to be served by the communities around .”