The Beauty Revealed

Developing Your Inner Beauty

The Struggle With


Awkward conversations, beauty insecurities, and frustrating habits is so common amongst us as women, and you’re in need of a REFRESHER.

EMBRACE the time and space to get the practical resources you need to begin to see your TRUE BEAUTY revealed. Get ready to leave your BEAUTY MARK in this world!


What is the significance of the Beauty Revealed Brand?

The vision ahead of this brand is the belief that we are our Creator’s Creation. We are made in the image The Creator but we experience brokenness both within and around us. All of our broken pieces can be made whole, and we can live by design and not simply by default. It is on that foundation that our Character and Confidence is multiplied. When you know both who and whose you are, your Character & Confidence is strengthened, and your true Beauty is revealed!

silhouette of man raising his hands
silhouette of man raising his hands

Meet the Founder

Wife, Author, Confidence Coach and Professional Makeup Artist

Mrs. Candace Claiborn is the co-founder, along with her husband Thomas Claiborn, of the Phoenix based brand, The Beauty Revealed.

A native of Atlanta, Georgia, and the daughter of Jamaican immigrants, Candace attended The George Washington University to study business and communication.

It was not long after beginning a career in corporate America, that the GW grad, decided to pursue her interest in professional makeup artistry. Candace has had the privilege of studying under Emmy Award winning artist Suzanne Patterson of Creative Artistry & FX, as well as working with MAC Cosmetics, Laura Mercier.

To further fulfill her desire to connect more deeply with women and influence their beauty both inside and out, Candace began speaking and teaching workshops on ways to multiply Character & Confidence.

Her signature workshops, “Beauty Revealed” & “The Face of Leadership”, outline the Core 4 unique ways in which the concept of beauty aligns with the process of developing the character & confidence as a young lady and as a woman. Her energetic and authentic presentation leaves many enthused and ready to take action, encouraging them to live by design and not simply by default.

Candace’s charismatic and electrifying personality topped with her passion for connecting with God as her source, is the glue to the value she places on authentic relationships. There’s nothing better than the refreshing energy that is cultivated while getting to know new people.

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Makeup Artistry

Find Your Sparkle

The Sparkle Bar in Scottsdale, AZ provides makeup services for women attending special events of all kinds as well as one-on-one lessons.

Free Downloads

You Can Make An Impact Now

    5 Tips to Becoming a A Confident Professional

    You have so much potential, and you’ve taken the time to get the degree(s), land a job, pursue that dream, scratch that entrepreneurial itch, and really get in the game of life doing what you love and becoming the woman you know God has already designed you to be, but sometimes you just need a little help connecting with the people you meet, or preparing for the opportunities that come your way, so here are few tips to help you become that CONFIDENT PROFESSIONAL whether you’re applying for that job/internship, or looking for new clients and customers. If you want to leave your beauty mark with a hint of professionalism, then get your FREE DOWNLOAD today!

    Core 4 Confessions and Affirmations

    Your words create your world, and you have the ability and the opportunity to create something amazing each and every day. Although negative self-talk, ideas of comparison, and insecurity come and go, the truth about who God is and the woman He has designed you to be will never change. Much like the steps to caring for your skin and applying makeup, these Core 4 categories of confessions and affirmations mirror the ways to speak truth and encouragement to yourself with great confidence and delicacy. Read these bible-based declarations aloud daily as you prepare mentally and spiritually to leave your beauty mark on world while developing your inner beauty.